Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano


New Release of the Third Edition of Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano.

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“In this profound philosophical discourse, Miguel Serrano investigates and elucidates the past, present and future of the Aryan West; its intrigues, imaginations and dark myths, bringing in to question its very foundations, penetrating the shadowy illusions that have previously been taken for solid truths and infallible dogma and boldly reassessing the “2000 year” chronological basis that has provided the framework for all human endeavour and the spiritual world of man. The historical basis with its epistemologically established system comes crashing down, the pillars of the “Temple Construct” crumble and the previously, blindly accepted, religious, philosophical and scientific dogmas are shattered. In this New Reformation, a New Cosmogony is announced and formed… Something even able to illuminate the darkest…

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Obliteration Ritual


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Portrait of Luca Pacioli (detail)

Obliteration Ritual – by leuchovius’ ghost

All existence here on this place is indeed a diabolical mockery:
A wedding of the impure and the degraded blood to
vile sheaths of weak and wicked flesh,
de-spirited junk enclosed in walking, crypt-like cavities.

These, who are dazzled and dazed to the putrid, purple sounds
of their own voices, volumes and volumes of vacant lies,
the fate of every one of these abominations:
We shall sink them one and all back into the cold, hard ground.

They, who are condemned by their own sick and venal commingling,
who are created only for the final and holy obliteration ritual.
Silence awaits them as a tomb with open arms,
Angels sing in the glorious heavens to purify this misbegotten, earthen ring.

For very far away, there is a hatred buried deep below the sparkling snow,
ancient relics forgotten in the infinite tundra, ancestral fields.
Yes, we disciples of the blue blood lay in wait,
Frozen beneath the years and sheets of arctic ice with silver blades aglow.

Sieg Heil !

Emil Cioran



Emil Cioran from The Monopoly of Suffering :

Why don’t I commit suicide? Because I am as sick of death as I am of life.  I should be cast into a flaming cauldron!  Why am I on this earth?  I feel the need to cry out, to utter a savage scream that will set the world atremble with dread.  I am like a lightning bolt ready to set the world ablaze and swallow it all in the flames of my nothingness.  I am the most monstrous being in history, the beast of the apocalypse full of fire and darkness, of aspirations and despair.  I am the beast with a contorted grin, contracting down to illusion and dilating toward infinity, both growing and dying, delightfully suspended between hope for nothing and despair of everything, brought up among perfumes and poisons, consumed with love and hatred, killed by lights and shadows.  My symbol is the death of light and the flame of death.  Sparks die in me only to be reborn as thunder and lightning.  Darkness itself glows in me.

Berlin July 1945


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The blind and bloodthirsty golem of the All-lies does not know how to create or nurture beauty and life, it only knows how to destroy beauty and life.  Once the Germanic Aryan light is extinguished, the demonic world of the Demiurge and its dumb, howling minions quickly degenerates into what we have here today.

All hail to our holy fallen Brothers and Sisters, rushing gloriously into the cosmic arms of Valhalla and the blue ice of the Polar star!

Sieg Heil !

Danger Falling Ice



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Rogier van der Weyden – Crucifixion Triptych (detail)

Danger Falling Ice
– by leuchovius’ ghost

Danger! Falling ice!
Temperatures plummeting
Cold winds choking the air,
Crackling dead tree branches in the indigo night.

Brothers, I can hear you!
Your voices once muffled now shout,
Once buried beneath miles of forgotten stone,
Now shuddering the earth to rend it apart.

Faithful soldiers’ steely eyes
Are peering through, sparkling with fury.
They’re shaking off the dusty dull decades
Now freed from their catacombs of prismatic ice.

Vril blades are unleashed, rising,
Blades drawn for blood, for the final fight.
They’re rushing, climbing up through the chasms,
Bursting into the light of the Black Sun once more.

Danger! Falling ice!
Glory in hatred and battle and war.
To the death of mankind, traitors, one and all.
And the birth of the new and eternal Ehrean kin!


By the Winter Willows



By the Winter Willowsby leuchovius’ ghost

Searing winter winds steal the air from my lungs,
So that I may never speak the sickened words of this world again.
By providence, a thin white hand points to the river path.
Then follow as dying lights
They flicker out, and the white wall of snow closes tight.

May the flowers locked in ice beneath my feet never thaw,
Winds take the skeletal arms of willow trees in a ghostly dance,
And this wicked and false city blurs into nothingness in the white,
Blissfully forgotten forever
Beneath the crush of the sullen and dark storm’s trance.

She’s here, the beautiful, tall and pale Angel of Death,
Naked, silent and wan, drifting gracefully by her invisible light.
Do I dare to catch her glance, full of the centuries and terrors unknown?
Her glance where tears sparkle,
Sapphire, aglow with memories of Kamaraden and the blackened stage of war.

Alive! But only for a moment am I, graced to be in her sight.
By the blessing of her tears may I soar to heavenly unseen heights.
Shivering as this glorious Swastika Angel stands at my side… now she beckons,
And softly draws near,
And she asks me as sheering winter winds rise,
Where do I choose my grave to eternal lie?

All for her, the only Love that lives.

Sieg Heil !

Der Trutzgauer Bote Article


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Sonnensymbolik & Mythologie – Völkerübergreifende Verbindungen

P.S. As an aside to the article, the Japanese deity Amaterasu “shining in heaven” is an ancient reference to one of the primary Aesir queens of Atlantis, “A-Mater” (mother) – “Asu” (Asen).  See “Atlantis, Edda and Bible” for more detailed corollary information.