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Willy Meller – Ordensburg Vogelsang Sportlerrelief, 1938

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after All-lied occupation (via Galleria d’Arte Thule).

Jakob Wilhelm (Willy) Meller’s Sportlerrelief at the Ordensburg Vogelsang, a beautiful sculpture of German athletes, is shown here before and after the occupation by American soldiers.  A perfect example in photos of the two polar forces that exist on this plane, the angelic and the demonic.

On one hand, in 1938, we see the angelic reflected in the upward-bound culture of Germany and the NSDAP, a people that seeks glory and the perfection of human spirit through beauty and creation, unity through brotherhood and harmony with nature.

On the other hand, in the post-war occupation, we see the perfect example of the spiritually-dead anti-culture of the All-lies and its people: ugliness and nihilism through blind destruction and the perversion of the lifeblood.

In the act of riddling a majestic sculpture with bullets, we see the sad jealousy of soulless minions who in the dark recesses of their petulant, decaying minds are still somehow cognizant of the fact that they cannot and will not ever reach these grandiose heights of beauty and heavenly nobility.  These retarded hordes of the Demiurge continue to annihilate our earth to this day, unabated and unpunished, with their endless wars, profane media, and demonic perversions!

But unlike them, we can hear the voice of Blood and we can hear the voices of our brothers calling from the grave.  We eagerly await the swinging blade of Kalki to finally put this pathetic world out of its misery!

Heil Hitler !