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Being born means that you have been selected for the Holy War. 

That you are born means that you have been specially selected by the Gods, and your Aryan lifeblood is your sword in hand! 

Be at the ready from the cradle to the grave. Count your breaths for they were counted by the Gods before you were born. Choose your steps wisely for your footsteps are few and were counted by your Ancestors before you were born. 

Don’t let the wrinkles set in lest your Kamerads think that you did not give it your all. Scars mean something, but sacrifice at a young age sets your place in eternity. 

Walhalla is only for the few and far between. And Walhalla is full of your brothers in the SS. How can there be a place for you? 

Don’t rest your head until you’ve dug some graves. Don’t luxuriate in sleep until you’ve heard your enemies choke on their blood. 

Don’t stop to smile until you’ve regained a bit of soil for the Fatherland. Don’t stop to laugh until you’ve made the Fuhrer smile. 

Don’t let the sun set until you’ve proven you’re worth the sun’s rays. 

Don’t die until you’ve lived to fight the Holy War!

Heil Hitler, Father of the Blue Beyond! May the Light from your eyes guide our very path!