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Rogier van der Weyden – Crucifixion Triptych (detail)

Danger Falling Ice
– by leuchovius’ ghost

Danger! Falling ice!
Temperatures plummeting
Cold winds choking the air,
Crackling dead tree branches in the indigo night.

Brothers, I can hear you!
Your voices once muffled now shout,
Once buried beneath miles of forgotten stone,
Now shuddering the earth to rend it apart.

Faithful soldiers’ steely eyes
Are peering through, sparkling with fury.
They’re shaking off the dusty dull decades
Now freed from their catacombs of prismatic ice.

Vril blades are unleashed, rising,
Blades drawn for blood, for the final fight.
They’re rushing, climbing up through the chasms,
Bursting into the light of the Black Sun once more.

Danger! Falling ice!
Glory in hatred and battle and war.
To the death of mankind, traitors, one and all.
And the birth of the new and eternal Ehrean kin!