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Martin Heidegger from Introduction to Metaphysics:

The spiritual decline of the Earth has progressed so far that peoples are in danger of losing their last spiritual strength; the strength that makes it possible even to see the decline (which is meant in relation to the fate of Being) and to appraise it as such.  This simple observation has nothing to do with cultural pessimism – nor with any optimism either, of course; for the darkening of the world, the flight of the Gods, the destruction of the Earth, the reduction of human beings to a mass, the hatred and mistrust of anything creative and free has already reached such proportions throughout the whole Earth that such childish categories as pessimism and optimism have long become laughable.

The facade of “pessimism” and “optimism” are the wares of the shylock, the conniving merchant.  Concepts of “happiness” and “satisfaction” are for the puerile and soulless bastard races.  The modern world sells these phony wares to the weak of spirit and to those with polluted blood.  The Ehrean Man who lives by the codes of Honor and Loyalty is not shackled by such concepts.  We live only to engage in the battle and our eyes see only the Polar star of our Fatherland.

To walk through this sickened / sickening modern age and to complain about it is futile and ridiculous. To complain is to insinuate that there were something about it that could be salvaged.  It is like a man who lives in an infinite garbage heap and occasionally stops to pick up objects of garbage to complain about.

Yes, and it is ALL an infinite garbage heap, and it is awaiting its own moment when all of it shall be cleansed and wiped away. Not a shred shall remain.

We do not belong here.  In our awakening we have shed the perverted facade of this age like an old dead skin which easily falls from our backs.  We are reborn with the ancient blood.  We are reborn with the sign of the holy Swastika into a cathedral of ice that towers to the stars.  We are reborn with our fallen brothers and sisters and we shall join them on the eternal battlefield.  Sieg Heil !