A bewildering shock. With an inestimable inner will. Saw the light of this world thru the perennial mammal dust of our ancient forefathers.

That which by its own demiurgic and disastrous outer nature, as well as by the processes of eternal cosmic cycles was going toward an inevitable spiritual and physical catastrophe, had for but an moment in the sands of Time, been spliced majestically.

A god’s hand had slipped on, the carnal glove of human mortality. But the gods are of an incombustible thing in their  substance, and therefore cannot burn neither in Heaven nor in Hell.

A gravitational shock wave shivered, hit the outer surface of the earth. Reverberating across land and sea and ocean. Even unto the wild forests of the deepest darkness! Overturning the affairs of this world in that which they possessed as infamous and unclean in their secret intentions.

When the gods show how…

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