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Hugo Hodiener

Hugo Hodiener

From A Handbook of Traditional Living by Raido :

It is necessary therefore to seek a new affirmation of the spirit and to wage what Tradition describes as the Greater Holy War:  the inner fight against the enemy who resides within each man.  This is a profound, immaterial struggle that each person must undertake against greed, rage, fear, cowardliness and instinct.  Life thus becomes an eternal fight between spiritual forces and their opposite:  between solar forces and the dark forces of chaos and matter.  The Greater Holy War is waged between the Solar Principle in man, the self, against what is merely human, weak and subject to the passions:  the I or ego.  The Lesser War, instead, is waged against external enemies:  barbarians, those who do not belong in the community… The two paths should become one:  he who in the Lesser War experiences the Greater will overcome the ‘death crisis’ by ridding himself of the inner enemy and of the instinct towards self-preservation.  Once fear, desire and restlessness have been overcome, man becomes free of all instincts and afflictions…  In such a way, the path of the warrior and the ascetic meet:  war, no longer a mere show of force and destructive violence, becomes an action performed with love and detachment, a discipline and style founded upon the values of truth, justice, fairness, honour and loyalty.

Vita est militia super terram, ‘life is a soldier’s service upon this earth’:  this will be the motto of those who turn to Tradition as their guide and affirm the primacy of law, order and hierarchy; of those who choose the sky over the earth, day over night, opposing the family and state to mongrel promiscuity, and blood and race to equality.

The soldier will not be prepared for battle until he has defeated the inner enemy.  The Greater Holy War must be won before the Lesser Holy War can begin !

Meine Ehre Heisst Treue !  

My Honour is called Loyalty !

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