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Arnold Böcklin - Die Toteninsel (3rd version, 1883)

Arnold Böcklin – Die Toteninsel (3rd version, 1883)

From Guido von List, “The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk”:

By means of an example, in accordance with the law of homogeneity let’s take a painter.  He is conceiving of a plan for a picture.  He lies down to sleep at night, after he has undressed (died), that night he dreams of his planned work (preparation in the primeval state) and rises early in the morning (is reborn) and gets right to work.  He draws the initial sketch on the canvas, primes it, etc.  The evening comes and he once more goes to bed after he has laid aside his raiment (substance, personality) and goes to sleep (dies) once again.  Once more he awakens (is reborn) in order to continue his work where he had left off the day before.  Thus many days (lives in human bodies) pass, and just as many nights (primeval states), but the work gradually continues to move toward its completion.

… “death” is merely life in the primeval state (Urstand) and only means a cessation of the essence or substance (Wesenheit).  Now since, however, every self, as soon as it is reborn, creates a new substance (personality) as a phenomenological form according to its lower or higher Garmic development; it has actually prepared for itself the conditions for its new life in a human body on the basis of its own thought, feeling, speech, action and inaction in previous lives in human bodies.  So the self continues the fulfillment of its special position according to the degree of its development in these newly begun human lives, i.e. it begins this activity at the level where it was interrupted in its last life.

Our daily activities from waking and through into rest and sleep and dreaming are all rehearsals for the ultimate phase of our Garmic development.  Every day is a microcosmic version of how we are preparing our transitions into either a higher Garmic state or a lower Garmic state.  If you are part of the Nornic fabric, then your life is a weave-work whose re-birth moves you into a higher state.  Every day you participate in the readying of another Selbst which will carry on the banner, carry on the torch.

Practice your day (life) and your sleep (death / entry into the primeval state) with full knowledge that you are preparing for the next one, the next version, the next and fuller incarnation of your Selbst.  Every day we spend on our WORK for the cause.  Every night we enter the passageway of death which is indeed the preparation for rebirth!  In sleep we commune with our brothers and sisters who are in the primeval state… it is holy and you must treat it as such!

You are a link in the fabric of the Eternal Reich; you must prepare the future for the next generation with diligent care taken through the solemn and thoughtful daily practice of Birth and Rebirth.

The Holy Blood is what propels your Seele into the next higher state of being, and towards the steely heavens.  To continue your thread in the Holy raiment of the Reich is the highest honor, and yes, indeed, the greatest duty, for the Ehrean Man!