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Goebbels speaking at the funeral of an SA man, 1932

Goebbels speaking at the funeral of an SA man, 1932

From an editorial by Joseph Goebbels in Das Reich, 2 January, 1944:

There is no crime against humanity, culture and civilization that the enemy has not committed in this war.  They are so morally corrupt, that they even brag about it… They murder women and children in droves because they hope by this godless barbarism to weaken their husbands and fathers in their will to fight.  They view the sacred cultural endowment of 2,000 years as nothing more than plunder and set fire to it with bombs and phosphorous canisters… Who has the right to speak of war crimes?  We or the enemy?

And from his speech of 26 June, 1943:

Even ignoring the past, the present refutes the stupid and base claims our enemies use to conceal their actions, which oppose or destroy culture. It is a rape of sound understanding to justify the crazed attacks of English or American terror planes on German or Italian cities on cultural grounds. German or Italian cultural centers that were built over centuries are reduced to soot and ashes in a brief hour. This is far more than an attempt to terrorize our population, much less to attack our armaments production. This is evidence of an historical inferiority complex that wants to destroy what the enemy is incapable of producing himself, and has never created in the past. European humanity must blush in shame that a 20-year-old American, Canadian, or Australian terror flyer can destroy a painting by Albrecht Dürer or Titian, that he can destroy the work of the most honored names in history, though he and millions of his countrymen have not even heard of them. There can be no apology for such behavior. It is a cold, cynical, calculating attack by the spoiled child of Europe. These upstarts from the New World turn against the Old World because it is richer in soul and spirit. Its eternal artistic accomplishments stand against skyscrapers, cars, and refrigerators.

World War II was the assault on Germany by the brutish zombies of the Allies on behalf of its Judaic overlords, destroying or attempting to destroy the beauty of the German Volk and the cultural beauty that Germany had created for thousands of years.

The Allies lashed out at Germany just as an ugly creature would lash out at an object thats beauty is unattainable and out of its grasp … as if in a jealous rage … for the Judaic Allies knew, somewhere in that empty space that should have been occupied by a soul, that they are not beautiful and are not capable of producing culture of a higher, angelic level as the Germans. The Allies are the beast that cannot look itself in the mirror.

And so you get the rise of Amerikan “culture” which bull-dozes over the rest of the world mercilessly.  Amerikan “culture” which is not actually culture, but instead is reality turned on its head, an abomination of reality:  the Judaic talents for corporate greed and the demonic tactics of lawyers are glorified; the predatory criminality and bestiality of hip-hop are glorified; the mannerless demeanors and behaviors of thuggish athletes are glorified; sexual degeneracies and sexual mental diseases are glorified; Art is degraded and turned into garbage; “pop culture” turns men into women and turns women into whores and turns children into vapid, brain-dead consumers.  The untermensch is glorified and all of his sickened and corrupt tendencies are held up as the standard for behavior:  Greed, Lust, Apathy, Crassness, Sloth, Materialism and Perversion.

Congratulations, Allies, you’ve now sunken to the same lowest depths as your Judaic Masters !