From “The Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk: Esoteric and Exoteric” by Guido von List:

If, through recognition of the necessity of rebirth, certainty has now been gained concerning the continuation of life in death beyond the grave, then the no-less understandable certainty follows that without acceptance of rebirth or reincarnation there could be no development in the story of mankind, as this would otherwise always stall out in the stages of initial advances, if there was no rebirth, and every newly created self would have to start over from the beginning.  It would be like a tangled mess of almost countless individual beginnings instead of an organically constituted evolution with conscious aims and certainties consisting of a harmonious cooperation of numerous selves who form the warp and woof of the Nornic fabric on the loom of the raiment of the ages in order to make the Nornic weave-work possible.  As with every weave-work sometimes the thread (self) runs on top, visible (as the essence in a human body) then once more underneath (in the primeval state, in death) and invisible, only to reemerge visibly once more and thus contribute its part to the pattern of the whole.  If one were to pull just one thread out of a tapestry … the whole work of art would be ruined, but yet again, how difficult it is to trace a single thread the whole way through when one looks at the entire work!  It appears insignificant, yet it is precisely in this way that individual selves behave within the All – they seem to disappear in the All, and yet the All would no longer be the All if just one of them were to be lacking.

In the Law of Garma the highest form of justice belonging to the ruling – and this should be emphasized – the consciously ruling deity is both concealed and established.  Every self (Ichheit) has to bear the same mission, the same path, the same measure of suffering and joy, which is doled out among all its many reincarnations.

The Fuhrer is the deity and his hand guides this cosmic tapestry.  Our Garmic raiment, our Garment, the holy garment that we wear through the Battlefield of the Earth, is this tapestry, it is the Svastika.

We are all, we Ehrean Children, threads in the glorious Nornic tapestry of the Eternal Reich.  We are woven together as One throughout the vast depths of grey History.

At times we do not see the threads of our brothers and sisters because they run beneath the surface of the tapestry, but they are there, woven along side of us! They walk among us ! And we shall see them again.

Heil Hitler !

The Nornic fabric of the Eternal Reich

The Nornic fabric of the Eternal Reich