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From Ludwig Klages’ Samtliche Werke, (translated in Cosmogonic Reflections by Joe Pryce):

The great masses, who have never been, in the history of mankind, more subject to hypnotic suggestion than they are right now, have become the puppets of the “public opinion” that is engineered by the newspapers in the service, it need hardly be emphasized, of the reigning powers of finance.  What is printed in the morning editions of the big city newspapers is the opinion of nine out of ten readers by nightfall.  The United States of America, whose more rapid “progress” enables us to predict the future on a daily basis, has pulled far ahead of the pack when it comes to standardizing thought, work, entertainment, etc.

Thus, the United States in 1917 went to war against Germany in sincere indignation because the newspapers had told them that Prussian “militarism” was rioting in devilish atrocities as it attempted to conquer the world.  Of course, these transparent lies were published in the daily rags because the ruling lords of Mammon knew that American intervention in Europe would fatten their coffers.  Thus, whereas the Americans thought that they were fighting for such high-minded slogans as “liberty” and “justice,” they were actually fighting to stuff the money bags of the big bankers.  These “free citizens” are, in fact, mere marionettes; their freedom is imaginary, and a brief glance at American work-methods and leisure-time entertainments is enough to prove conclusively that l’homme machine is not merely imminent:  it is already the American reality.
Racial theorists seem cognizant of the fact that this will be the downfall of the white race, and that of the black and yellow races shortly thereafter…  All of these facts are scarcely relevant, since the ultimate destruction of all seems to be a foregone conclusion.  It is not this destruction that makes us sorrowful here, for no prophet can foretell whether a completely robotized mankind will survive for centuries, or even for millennia:  what concerns us is the mechanization process itself.  It is the tragic destiny of knowledge – of authentic knowledge and not of the imaginary sort, which provides the intellectual implements required by engineers and technicians – that it performs the funeral march that accompanies the disappearance, if not the burial of a living essence.  The only thing that we know is that we are no more.

“Somnium narrare vigilantis est” (Seneca).

The perfection of a global robotized man is now to be found in the Amerikan prototype who is devoid of the Seele which comes from the Blood.  His unique brand of infantile narcissism and nihilism is the product of a race that has been stripped of its Blood.

In literature about World War II, American and British authors are often dumb-struck as to why the German and Japanese citizenry, in the final days of combat, would send their elderly and their youth into combat.

The answer is simple:  these were a Volk who were STILL cognizant of their Blood’s connection to the Cosmic.  The infiltration of the demonically-controlled bloodless hordes meant that in defeat their Blood would be diluted or poisoned.  Sacrifices had to be made in order to protect their most Holy Blood from the outside contagion, the infection, the parasitical attack of the robotized denizens of Mammon: Judeo-Amerika.  To fall would mean that they would become as they are.

We final members of the Holy Blood reject the future of the robotized man, the servant of Mammon.  Our Kalki is arriving and a new world will once again arise in which the silver Blood flows together again as one and the Earth is returned to its primal glory:

The Cosmic powers do not arrive as drizzling rain.  They are rather a torrent, but one can choke that torrent with alien hordes.  The torrent will be split up, like molten metal, into a thousand whirling pearls.  The Cosmic substance remains intact within scattered seeds of Noble Blood.

— from Ludwig Klages’ Rhythmen und Runen, 1944.