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Here is a highly recommended article on Jesus and Hitler from National Journal:  “For a religion of peace – Jesus worked under the banner of the Swastika“.

Some excerpts:

We must respect the leading Jews for what they are because they are the ultimate test of mankind. If there wasn’t the darkness of the night how should we ever appreciate the blaze of colour of a light flooded day? It is exclusively up to the non-Jews to serve the good. The Christian redeemer, the envoy of the Aryan Gods, left us the message that the leading Jews were the ultimate challenge of the non-Jewish world, especially for the Aryan race. We shall either grow by this challenge into divinity or we shall fall into ruin…

… The fairytale that Jesus was Jewish stems from the propaganda machine of the Jewish High Priests in order to make demands on the Aryans with this story. Jesus, however, came from Galilee where the Germanic (Gallic) legions of the Roman forces settled. Jesus, the Aryan, was most probably Gallic. In that respect it is revealing to understand how he is described in the Talmud: “In addition to a series of scurrilous sexual allegations against Jesus, the Talmud states that his punishment in hell is to be immersed in boiling excrement …” (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 20) It is unknown in Jewish history that Jews demand such horrendous punishment on other fellow Jews.

… Jesus is just as much hated as Adolf Hitler by the leading Jews, for both openly fought the Jewish agenda under the holy Aryan symbol of the Swastika, Marduk’s signpost. Jesus Christ saw in the leading Jews the children of the devil and Adolf Hitler propagaded the gospels. On the other hand, the Jews know about the great importance of Jesus and of the phenomenon Hitler. 2000 years ago Greek Jews coined the term “Nazirite” (Nazi), meant to describe the abode (Nazareth) of the holy ones, those chosen by God. The term Nazirite even gained entry into the Bible. “The title ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ might thus be read ‘Jesus the Nazarene’. [Jesus the Nazirite or Jesus the Nazi, according to the Bible, Amos 2:11,12] … the term Nazirite meant ‘a holy person, or separated one, chosen by God’. … The legends behind the gospels would be telling us that Jesus was a ‘holy one’ or ‘separated one’, with Nazareth being ‘the abode of the holy, or separated one’. … The term Nazirite stems from the root nzr, or nsr, and it is highly significant. … The latter word was an ancient Egyptian verb meaning ‘to burn’ or ‘to blaze’. Hence the word Nsrsr means ‘the Island of Fire’.” ” (Alan F. Alford, When The Gods Came Down, Hodder and Stoughton, London 2000, S. 398 – Appendix C: Jesus from Nazareth). Therefore the term “Nazi” could also be spelled “Nasi”.

… To summarize: Nazis or Nasis or Naz(s)irenes are, according to the Bible, “holy persons, chosen by God”, named after their holy abode “Nazareth” or “En-Nasira” (German Enzyklopedia Brockhaus).

… the Torah-True-Jews (New York) claim that Adolf Hitler was a messenger (Angel) of God. Obviously because according to a prophecy the return of the Jews to the promised land was only permitted if “six million were offered in the fire” (Holocaust = burnt offering). Only an Angel of God could accomplish such a deed, as no ordinary mortal would be able to do so, according to Jewish beliefs, being chosen and divine. In this regard, the Torah-True-Jews also claim that Hitler was ordered by God to chasten the Jews with the Holocaust for their sins. Obviously therefore Jews call Hitler a “Nazi” (Nazirite, a holy one).

… In fact, the term “Nazi” was unheard of in National Socialist Germany, otherwise it would have been spelled “Nati” or “Naso” (German: National Sozialismus). The term “Nazi” was created instead by learned Jewish circles – during and after the Great World War against the “holy ones, the chosen, the Nazirites”. As the Torah-True-Jews emphasise that Hitler was sent by God.

… The Zionists’ fear of the “chosen Nazirites” (Jesus and Hitler) is of an unparalleled degree. By the way, even 2000 years ago no-one was permitted to speak openly of the Christian redeemer: “But no-one would say anything publicly about him [Jesus] for fear of the Jews.” (John 7:13) And what happens nowadays if people wish to commemorate Adolf Hitler as an envoy of the Aryan Gods? Only the Hindus in India are permitted to worship Adolf Hitler as an “Avatar”.

Jesus, the messenger of Aryan divinity, was enlightened in the only country of the world where the Aryan Gods are still worshipped – India. He found his spiritualization under the banner of the Swastika (the symbol of Marduk, Yahweh’s adversary) and later he fought the Pharisees (“conceited, hypocritical Jewish caste”) under the Swastika-Flag. And Hitler was the only statesman in the world who made the holy emblem of the Aryans and Hindus the signpost of the “Nazi”-state, thus honouring the Hindu deities and the Aryan order of creation.

… Jesus’ tomb is situated in the Himalaya region, the Aryan retreat, where the Swastika still today is the holiest symbol of all religious symbols. Jesus survived the crucifixion as Adolf Hitler may have survived the collapse of his “Reich”.

… The Torah-True-Jews (Neturei Karta, New York) respect Adolf Hitler as an envoy of God who was commanded to chastise the Jews for Zionism and their sins: “It is common knowledge that all the sages and saints in Europe at the time of Hitler’s rise declared that he was a messenger of divine wrath, sent to chasten the Jews because of the bitter apostasy of Zionism against the belief in the eventual Messianic redemption“.