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Monsu Desiderio - Fantastic Ruins with St. Augustine and the Child (Detail)

Monsu Desiderio – Fantastic Ruins with St. Augustine and the Child (Detail)

From Emil Cioran’s “A Short History of Decay”:

Since man’s existence is the most considerable and the strangest venture nature has known, it is inevitable that it should also be the shortest; its end is foreseeable and desirable: to extend it indefinitely would be indecent.  Having entered upon the risks of his exception, the paradoxical animal will still play his last card for centuries and even for millennia.  Must we complain of that?  No question that he will never equal his past glories, nothing suggests that his possibilities will someday provoke a rival for Bach or for Shakespeare.  Decadence is first manifest in the arts; “civilization” survives their decomposition a certain time.  Such will be man’s case: he will continue his exploits, but his spiritual resources will have dried up, as will his freshness of inspiration….

He will not perish forthwith; but it is indubitable that he will create for himself an instrument of total annihilation before discovering a panacea…  He will annihilate himself as a creator – are we to conclude that all men will vanish from the earth?  We must not look at the situation through rose-colored glasses.  A good portion, the survivors, will linger on, a race of subhumans, gate-crashers of the apocalypse

We no longer speculate about death, we are death.

Witness the daily spectacle of mankind’s delirious suicide plunge into the depths of decay and depravity.  His world is drunken, restless, confused and incoherent.  He has no Gods and he has no Future.  It is no wonder that his “art”, “music” and “literature” are so horrific and monotonous and depressing!  His life is that of a gerbil on a wheel, endlessly chasing after the only substance of his futile existence:  that of infantile, narcissistic and nihilistic distractions … pitiful “entertainments” to distract him from the fatal condition of his soul.

Modern man is on an eternally downward spiral… he is NOT capable of producing a Bach or a Shakespeare or a Beethoven or a Wagner or a Goethe ever again!  Modern man is so degenerated that he is beyond the point of no return:  He has bred the angelic and the holy out of his Blood.  His blood is no longer pure, it is now that of a sewer! Likewise, his modern “culture” is a swamp of degeneracy, a race to the bottom, a race to see how low that they can go. Because he is INCAPABLE of rising to his once glorious heights, modern man will always lie to himself, console himself with lies, and proclaim that whatever is the “newest” is the best, whatever is the most sick and degenerate is great. But, alas, it is merely a sad and simple case of sour grapes !! Modern man CANNOT reach to the heights of Glory, so instead he rallies against it!

He will NOT produce another great man because he has turned his back on the heroic and the immortal ideals of the last of the Holy Lands:  Germany, the Heilig Boden.  Germany held the last of the Heroic Man and Hitler was the Last God.  Hitler was mankind’s last chance to grasp the Hand of God and to ascend.  When the world turned their backs on Hitler, they turned their backs on Beauty and Eternity; when they turned their backs they chose the void, they chose the abyss!  They are responsible for its current state.  This state is in its final throes.  We shall shed no tears for its loss!

Hail to the Eternal Reich !  


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