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Chapter 1:
Questions of the Ages – Questions of the Life of the German People.

All of the great want and misery which we Germans have suffered as a result of the World War 1.) has taught us to think. There are many things which we have become more critical and suspicious of. For example, the propaganda and the slogans heaped upon us by our seducers and corruptors. Slogans instilled in us which no longer feel right: “Equality of all Mankind”, “International Reconciliation”, “A Brotherhood of the Peoples”, “General Disarmament”, “Eternal Peace”, and so on. We have begun to realize that we have been dragged into an abyss by a group of criminals. The flimsy facade of their lies has begun to crack.

New revelations 2.) have shocked the German people. They have opened his eyes in horror to the fact that his once most noble religion has been grossly abused. But we, as an all-too-trusting group of people, are unfortunately easily led through tactics of misery, shame and despair into an eternal slavery. This is therefore then the perfect time for us to step back and give a critical examination to the teachings of the Church.

In this midst of this age of deepest disgrace for our peoples have now come several timely publications in the fields of race studies and prehistory. We are now able to see that we, as the German people, have blasphemously been labeled as “swine” and as hideous “barbarians” when in fact we were the first and only cultured peoples of this Earth. This means nothing less than that there has been an incredible historical falsification heaped upon us. A veil has been drawn over our glorious history in order for us to not recognize its true value and meaning. We now realize that what is worst of all is our toleration of, and willingness to be exploited by, a cabal of forgers and cheats.

And so, therefore, there gradually arose several questions which were not only simply scientifically interesting, but also of the greatest importance for the economic and political future of not only the German State but of the German race as well.

It is here that we may single out some of these questions: Is the doctrine of the Church really true, that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, when science dates its age into the millions or billions of years?

Has mankind truly only been living on the Earth for 5,684 years, by the Church’s teachings, when it can safely be determined that he appears in the Tertiary Period, millions of years ago?

And the Bible speaks of a human couple in the paradise of Eden, of an Adam and Eve. Were these people of the Red, Black, Brown or White races? The Hebrew word for ‘Adam’, adhom, means reddish-brown, thus indicating that he is a bastard of some of the lowest races. In Assyrian, he is called ‘Adam Udumv’, so he is therefore to be associated with those infamous hybrid half-animal / half-human creatures. St. Jerome 3.) has translated Adam’s name outright as “cattle”. Now was Eve of the same type of creature?

How could a Man be born from such a pair of dissimilar creatures which are so different in appearance and physique and character? Can the assertion of the equality of all mankind be correct even though they have descended from such different types of human in this supposed original couple?

The Bible also speaks not only of “people” but also of the “Children (Sons) of God” (Theos). It says that the people saw the daughters of these Children of God and chose from them and took them as wives. So who are the “Children of God”? Which people? Are the higher race of men, the Sons of the Gods (Goths), or Theos (Tius Ziu), the Whites and the actual chosen ones in contrast to those humans mentioned in the Edda which are described as “human-like animals”?

Why did God say “Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness”? Were there several Gods? Because this God speaks in the plural tense. Or can it be that he speaks of a higher human species? Did they want to make these beast-men, whom they had bred as slaves, into Gods?

From whom are we Germans descended? From the Children of the Gods? From the gleaming white Aurinar-race? Or are we, as the Jew and the French would have us believe, nothing more than “human-like” men, animal-men or Neanderthal men?

And from where comes our enemies then, from the beast-man or from the bastard races?

If we Germans are descended from the Biblical “Children of God”, then our enemies indeed are of the beast-man. From what racial research convincingly proves (see Dr. Woltmann: “Political Anthropology” see also Gobineau, Wilser, Gunther), is it not then madness to speak of a “universal equality”, or “international reconciliation” and of a “League of Nations”? Is not a lamb always eaten when it negotiates with wolves? Is it not indeed an endless folly and shame to tolerate a treaty with beast-men and those of the bastard races? And to allow the shameful treaties of Versailles, Spaa and London to make us into slaves of these creatures? Is the Treaty of Versailles not a godless work in the same way that the Bible, in the stories of Canaan and Shem, calls for these lower-races to enslave Japheth 4.) and calls for the destruction of Jesus by their hands?

What was the Paradise of the Bible? Where was it? Where are its rivers? Does it not imply that it contained a formerly existing eternal spring? The Gods (The Sons of God / The God-Men) put the “people” into the Garden of Eden and they built it and they inhabited it. Did they really put “beast-men” as their slaves into this Garden of God? Which would they choose to inhabit the Earth and to rule over? The Children of God or beast-men?

A great flood came later over the Earth, a flood which destroyed the mountains and “covered” everything; over all peoples and over all creatures. Could there really be such a flood which could cover the mountains? Impossible! Or is this simply an account of a terrible catastrophe on Earth? And then Noah is left all alone on Earth? Who was Noah? Was it true, as he has claimed, that he has the command of God himself over poisonous snakes, predators and vermin of all kinds in his Ark? From which race did he and his family belong? How could so many different races come from this lone family who were supposedly the last family on Earth?

The Bible tells us of a “Holy, Chosen People”. Can this really be the Hebrews, this cruel and blood-thirsty people? The same people that the Bible testifies has committed mass child-sacrifice, cannibalism and has plundered the entire populations of the Earth? Could God really have chosen from these depraved peoples a “Son of God” as the Saviour of the world to bring its Salvation? Is this here not the grand falsification of history at the hands of Judaism? For what purpose could this have been done?

Who, in reality, are the Holy, Chosen people of God? Are the Children of God the German race?

The Bible speaks of a Holy City of God in the middle of the seas (see Chapters 11, 30 & 31): “on the many waters”, “between two seas”, “the many islands in the seas”, “with the holy mountain of God between the two seas”, “within the area of the middle of the sea”, “the throne of God in the midst of the seas” (see Chapter 30). Can this then be referring to Jerusalem? Of course not! Which city could this be then? Is this then a falsification of ancient history? Certainly! But then many other things in the Bible, and perhaps the most important thing of all, is fake!

Was the Holy City of God between the two seas perhaps the very remarkable and legendary capital city of the sunken continent of Atlantis? Was it the sunken Atlantic island “Atlantis” which for centuries has kept so many scholars busy? Is this Atlantis the place that is referred to as the paradise
of the Bible?

In the Bible narrative, we are suddenly transported from the story of this Paradise to the history of Jewish victimhood and of Jewish priests. We are suddenly thrown into the Bible’s stories of the Hebrews’ human sacrifices, carnage and cannibalism. How is it that the very strange religious customs of the Hebrews are so similar to that of the American Indians? (see for example Ghillany: “Human Sacrifice Among the Hebrews”, Braunschweig 1842.) Are the Jews Indian mongrels?

How is it that the Spanish conquerors of Central America, to their amazement, found the religious customs of the Catholic Church being practiced there? That baptism, communion, the use of Holy water, a Papacy, the clothing of priests, the crucifix, the practice of confession, and the concept of forgiveness of sins were all present there when they arrived? And how is this then possible when this region had no contact with Europe for thousands of years? How is it that in Tibet, the same institutions and customs can be found in the Buddhists without there having been any previous contact between Christianity and the Tibetans?

If it is a historical fact that baptism, communion, confession, absolution, holy water, the rosary and a priestly hierarchy had existed long before the Catholic Church, then where had the Tibetans, the Near East, the Mexicans and the Egyptians derived this prehistoric Catholic Christianity from? Is this external Christianity then older than the Roman Catholic Church or is this really the continuation of an American-Indian-Jewish-Tibetan cult?

If images of a crucified man were present and worshiped by the Aztecs and the Egyptians long before the birth of Christ, then who really was Jesus? Did he live 1,900 years ago? If not, then when? If the Nordics speak of an exalted person crucified already long before Christ, then who is the prehistoric Jesus and what is the historical truth about this person? Did he really live in Palestine? If not, then where? And when? Why has Judaism put forth such historical forgeries in regards to this person, and for what purpose?

If, as we have then now learned, it is that Christianity is not historically accurate and that the Roman Church is actually just a continuation of an Aztec-Buddhist-Hebrew paganism, then has not an immense and monstrous crime been committed against our Germanic peoples in the name of this counterfeit Christianity from Charlemagne up until the present day? Isn’t this division of the Germans into denominations and their subsequent mutual in-fighting then not madness?

And how can we explain the very remarkable fact that the Gospels of Buddha and the Gospels of Christ are so similar? And that often they are almost verbatim the same, although separated by nearly 500 years?

Which Gospels are the original? Has Jesus borrowed from the Buddha or did he borrow from another Jesus who lived long before him in the old grey depths of time? Why does the life story of Buddha so strikingly match that of Jesus?

What would German history, culture and politics look like today if the Germans had been allowed to develop on its own without the counterfeit Christianity of this Aztec-Jewish-Tibetan-Roman Pope-State that had paved the ground for this World War? What will our policies look like and what will the state of the Germans become once the historical facts are revealed and these fraudulent teachings of our wrong-doings no longer allowed to paralyze our strength and to prevent us from our much needed unification?

After all of this then, comes the question: What is the Bible? Is it really “God’s Word”? Or is it a falsified version of ancient historical accounts of antiquity for the purposes of Judaism? Who are the original authors? Who, the Jews?

So here we have given only a small selection of questions which are indeed necessary for the thinking man; questions which deeply touch upon the lives of the Germans and which are of paramount importance. These questions are important not only for its internal and external political life, but for the fundamental future of the German peoples.

A great amount of hard work has already been done on the solutions to these questions; we need only recall the works of Dollinger, Bugge, Delitzsch, Niemjewsky, Drews, Chamberlain, and Stuhl, among others. But a satisfactory solution has not yet been found; partly because only some of the issues were discussed, partly because a writer relied on the basis of Biblical accounts and others because they claimed that any relevant history was omitted from ancient accounts.

Here, an attempt will now be made to investigate these matters through the fields of astronomy, geology, paleontology, anthropology, racial science and recent historical studies. Reports from the Bible, from the German Edda and from ancient legends will bring these matters into context. We will often be on the subject of the submerged continent of Atlantis, which ancient times had come to speak of as the high peak of Germanic culture. Perhaps we may be able to, from the darkness of all of the fallacies, forgeries and frauds surrounding the German world, bring some light and thus show him the way to rise again.

1.) translator: “World War I”
2.) K. v. Widdumhoff: “Die Entdeckten Schwarzen Henker des Deutschen Volkes” and H. Lienhardt: “Ein Riesenverbrechen am Deutschen Volk”
3.) translator: also known as “Heilige Hieronymus”. In Wikipedia he is stated as being best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin.
4.) translator: Japheth is considered in Biblical tradition to be the father of Europeans.