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Forward to the 3rd Edition:

For my many efforts in drafting this work, “Atlantis, Edda and the Bible”, I have felt the most richly rewarded by the my perception that it has been read with great interest and that it has contributed more than a little to the liberation of the German peoples from delusion and spiritual bondage. Previously, many were exposed to these ideas only in the general perception that there did not seem to have been enough historical documents to prove the existence of a prehistoric Atlantis. Many have said that if its existence were indeed proven, they then could come to agree with the rest of the conclusions of my work.

The most recent research has at last removed the last possible biases against this book. The astronomers Hanns Horbiger and Hanns Fischer have scientifically proven not only the existence of the continent of Atlantis, but also have determined that it was indeed destroyed by a catastrophic flood. They have also confirmed the high culture that its residents must have attained. Along these lines, Franz von Wendrin of Berlin has recently (1923 – 1924) begun his decipherment of the enigmatic Swedish petroglyph writings. These writings, in the judgment of astronomers, would be up to 200,000 years old, the oldest documents in all of human history. From these petroglyphs it is clear that the Germans of 200,000 years ago sailed the seas as brave mariners and colonized many other parts of the world.

For this third edition, we have made many expansions and corrections which should be welcome to the readers of the previous editions. This new version uses, and is based upon, unassailable research by Horbiger, Fischer and M. Valier. The Swedish petroglyphs bring a confirmation to our work. Finally, the third edition completely examines new aspects of the question of the identity of the historical Jesus; aspects that need to be appreciated by any serious scientist. The result of our investigations has come to this: that Jesus was a Teuton and indeed a prehistoric German king. So may it be that the whole world will finally sit up in amazement and look upon our greatly maligned country, Germany… for it is HERE where the Saviour of the world was really born. But we Germans want to remember our great ancestors with reverent humility and a heartfelt adoration. The same great ancestors who have sent to the present day our salvation – the foundations and the direction of our world’s culture. The correct historical knowledge concerning Jesus should not turn us AWAY from Christianity, but should instead lead us, of course, to a pure Christianity that is finally freed from its Jewish bonds. This Aryan Christianity should not drag along beside our life in the way that the corrupted churches and dogma of Judaic Christianity does, but instead should nurture us from within in a way that will help both the people and the State grow strong again from the ground up. One may truly say that the new discoveries in this edition will gradually lead to positive changes in our religious, civic and public lives. The True Jesus is in reality our leader both here on Earth and onward, into Eternity.

The historical studies of this work are not intended to attack or somehow minimize any of the religious societies upon which they may touch to any extent, but rather to serve only in the investigation of the Truth, and therefore to spiritually liberate our peoples from the harmful errors of the millennia and from the far-reaching consequences of the brazen falsifications of our history.

For the last 1,500 years, the German folk have been kept enslaved and prevented from the advancement of their culture through the historical forgeries and the historical lies of an international criminal society. The revelations of the truths concerning this will bring him a mental resilience and an awakened racial self-awareness that will inevitably lead to freedom.

May this completely revised and expanded third edition bring us many new comrades!

Vienna, November 1924
Hermann Wieland