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Forward to the 2nd Edition:

After only a few weeks of its initial publication, a second edition of this book has become necessary! This is an encouraging sign: that a seriously ill and prostrate German people can still forcefully push themselves through the pouring rain and break into the light. This will surely start and enforce a healing process of our peoples. But the poisons that have been heaped upon the German folk for 2,000 years cannot be washed away over-night. Time and a great amount of assistance are the most necessary for this to happen.

As always, the German heart desires to see the happiness of its children and of its fellow countryman. This work is published as an answer to all of the warm and urgent pleas of our people for the spread of the truth! The truth will set us free !

This second edition, made for the outer German provinces who may have missed the first edition, comes with a few revisions. In the fractured struggle of ideas which will determine Germany’s place in the World War, may this book serve as a guide and as a rallying point towards our victory! And may this victory some day serve to be the happy epilogue to this book.