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Forward to the 1st Edition:

It was anticipated that Friedrich Dollinger’s publication “Baldur and the Bible” would arouse a stir in both the common man and the theologians and that it would cause a serious examination of the future of the German Aryan peoples as well as raise the most important questions of the Bible and of both Judaic- and Aryan-Christianity.

Dollinger succeeded in that his was the first work to guide us to the proofs that Jesus was not a Jew, but in fact an Aryan, and that therefore Christianity is originally from an Aryan-Germanic source and that the early-Jewish cultures and allegedly Jewish culture of Palestine were indeed Germanic instead. It is thus that we Germans have, for 2,000 years, been instilled by the Jews of their being the ‘Chosen People’ and of the supposed high cultural value of their tribe when in fact it, as proven, has been nothing more than a crude forgery, and, as most likely, a calculated deception on their part. It remains so for those Bible-believing and Bible-loving folk among us, but still there are a lot of Bible mysteries which still need to be addressed. And it is precisely this mystery, this in particular out of the many Bible mysteries from the Psalms to the books of the Prophets to the Revelations of St. John, that has in recent years thrown tens of thousands of German citizens into a religious madness. This madness has been used by a giant group of Bible-believers and their Jewish accomplices to instill delusions of a coming ‘Kingdom of God’ under the leadership of a supposedly Jewish Messiah. 1.).

In the following pages, an attempt will now be made to solve this final riddle of the Bible. The reader will see in amazement how a great endeavor has been made for the last 2,500 years by both unscrupulous thieves and literary forgers to distort venerable old Aryan Holy writings in a skillful manner to exchange the Jewish people as the ‘Master Race’ of the world and to make the Germans into its servants. At the same time, the reader will also see how the enormity of the cultural history of the German folk has been crudely buried in the dirt. The curtain which has been purposely hung over the history of our Nation will be thrown back, and we will finally see. We will stare deeply down, through the formerly obscured and darkened night of history, and we will finally see the now brilliant and shining light that is the totality of the cultural achievements of prehistoric Aryanism. We will together finally recognize with astonishment the wondrous relationship that exists between Atlantis, the Edda and the Bible and of how the Aryan race has been the single creator of not only the Bible, but of culture itself.

The result of our current struggles as German people will be determined entirely by our critical Ideas. If we persist in believing in the international ideas instilled in us by Judea and Rome, then we will lose despite all of these temporary successes. But if we keep to the facts stated here, and base our beliefs on a reclaimed Aryan Christianity and its racial laws, then we will be assured a bloody victory over the cabal of our worldly enemies. And only then will our glorious rise in the annals of History be granted once more.

1.) Hans Lienhardt: Ein Riesenverbrechen am Deutschen Volke und die Internationalen Ernsten Bibelforscher.